Pulsiones: solo exhibition in Servando Gallery

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Octavio Irving presents his new drawing exhibition entitled Pulsiones from June 15th to July 29th, in Servando Cabrera Art Gallery. Pulsiones is based on his previous expositions Dime con quién andas… and Mapas de subconciencias. The drawings shown here have some graphic roots in their compositions.

The art exhibition Pulsiones continues the figurative and experimental line of Irving´s previous expositions: Dime con quién andas… and Mapa de subconsciencias, both of them from 2015. He keeps features of this graphic education by using the drawing, for instance: plural compositions and color degradation. Formally, his characters are anthropo-zoomorfic and for that reason prevent to divide what is self-referential and what is an imagination product. The artist´s subjectivity goes through his naturalistic figures and becomes them in grotesque images, because the a priori idea doesn´t exist.

Relación de escala
Relación de escala, 2017, mixed technique on canvas, 243 x 135 cm