Auction of Cuban works in the MOLAA

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The Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) in conjunction with the Richardson Center for Global Engagement based in Los Angeles, California (USA), have been making since last year several actions of professional exchange with several artists of the Graphic Workshop in Havana.

In January, this year, Cuban contemporary artists like Octavio Irving Hernandez (Irving), Yamilis Brito, Carlos Jesús del Toro, Angel Eusebio Rivera and Angel Manuel Ramírez presented works of different aesthetics and styles in this museum. The exhibition was met with great success and interest from the artistic community in Los Angeles.

One of the actions of continuity was the inclusion of a sample of these pieces to the collection of MOLAA and more recently the organization of an auction on its premises.

Among the pieces to be auctioned, is one entitled In the same direction I created by Irving in 2013 using lithography and collagraph techniques. In addition to the interchange progress was auctioned a folder entitled International Exchange of Engraving: LA – Havana. This folder evidenced the result of the meetings and workshops developed between artists from both countries during 2015 and the first half of 2016. The Cuban artists were Irving, Margaret “Quica” Alarcon, Yamilys Brito, Max Delgado, Dairen Fernández García Aliosky, Rogelio Gutiérrez, Dalila Paola Méndez, Delilah Montoya, Miyo Erin Stevens, Carlos del Toro and Ernesto Yerena.

Constructo. From In the same direction I series. Colograph. 81,5 x 89 cm.