Zoografías, a group expo of Haciendo Presión project

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2016 started with a lot of energy for members of Haciendo Presión. This is a project that seeks to “show engraving as an effective means in Cuban art, (…) continue the legacy of La huella múltiple project, influence training spaces and create spaces of confluence” (Fine Arts National Council, 2015) for contemporary Cuban artists.

Members of this project (Osmeivy Ortega, Aliosky Garcia, Orlando Montalvan, Alejandro Sainz, Julio Cesar Peña, Anyelmaidelín Calzadilla, Hanoi Pérez, Yamilis Brito, Dania Fleites, Liudmila Lopez, Norberto Marrero, Janette Brossard, Eduardo Hernandez, Ibrahim Miranda and Sandra Ramos), including the important participation of Octavio Irving, presented during January and February a group exposition at the Experimental Graphic Workshop in Havana.

The exhibition, named Zoography, grouped engravings with different techniques and aesthetics where animals were protagonists. In this space, also artist books were presented. The engravers defined their artist books as “works of art in itself, that gather unconventional features, completely manufactured, and respond more to an artistic object that aesthetics were common book” (OnCuba magazine, interview, 2015).

This new presentation of Haciendo Presión was promoted by Latin Art Space, a platform that “has promoted the art and culture of Cuba through art exhibitions, programs, specialized tours, and collaborations with museums, universities, curators and cultural centers Cuba and the United States “(Latin Art Space, 2016)

Zoografías. Invitation to the group exhibition.