Todo InKluido: collateral expo to the XII Biennial of Havana

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The Experimental Graphic Workshop, located in the alley of the Cathedral Square in Old Havana, exhibited during the Twelfth Biennial of Havana a group exhibition of engraving in which different styles converge. The techniques used by the artists transited from lithography to installation, colography and digital printing.

Entitled Todo Inkluido, this exhibition presented works by 27 Cuban artists of multiple generations. They were: Octavio Irving Hernández, Angel Rivero (Andy), Dairán Fernández, Anyel Maidelín Calzadilla, Yilian Marie, Alejandro Sainz, Ramón Vargas, Dania Fleites, Irina Cepero, Rolando Vázquez, Julio Cesar Peña, Eduardo Leyva, Yamilys Brito, Max Delgado Leonor Menes, Marcel Molina, Carlos Jesús del Toro, Omar Morales, Ivan Morales, Rafael Paneca, Luis Lamothe, Guillermo Vantour, Orlando Guitierrez, Desbel Alvarez, Diana Balboa and Isolina Limonta. The proposals of these artists were appreciated by the public between May and June 2015.

On the occasion of the opening of the exhibition Dayma Zaporta Crespo, its curator, said: “The engraving has found a way to coexist with the new artistic practices and to be inserted into the dynamics of its historical moment. Creators who carry it out find it a unique appeal that gives them freedom to change the brackets according to their compositional purposes. That is why Irina Cepero printed on cosmetic compacts, Octavio Irving uses spring pillows as habitat for his little rabbits and rebels as Julio César Peña and Dairán Fernández who presents woodblock matrix instead of the engraving”.

Todo InKluido showed the vitality of contemporary Cuban engraving and its ongoing dialogue with other ways to create and use techniques and technologies established in other branches of the visual arts.

Tríptico del Taller Experimental de Gráfica