Premiere of Memoria firme in FAC

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Memoria firme is a documentary that shows the different stages and expressive diversity of the plastic artist Octavio Irving.

The documentary was directed by Pavel Escariz. The scriptwriter Ricardo Alberto Pérez expressed about the work of this artist: “If something becomes more complex, unique, and attractive the work of Irving are undoubtedly the strong connections that exist between their mastery of the different techniques of engraving, and internal processes visibles on the drawing. That feedback often becomes concrete, effective, it rounded precisely his nature as a creator.”

“Parallel to this magic of the engraving, Irving has deployed a creative exercise, less known, but radically intense. Which is connected to the use of drawing and painting. The issues stem from an inner universe that expresses scale their setbacks to the order of things established outside. Particularly, he uses the drawing by the immediacy with that language facilitates the representation of his ideas. In that way he has been recognizing the nature of their ideas, and how to lead it to the spectators through a communication process where they can enter and make various questions”(Pérez, 2015).

The premiere of the documentary took place in Hall 4 of the Cuban Art Factory on Sunday October 11, 2015 at 9:00 pm. In the event, the artist give to the participants fifty engravings of the piece called Cultura blanda, a work done in 2015 as part of the Figuration series.
Estreno de Memoria firme en FAC