Tell me who your friends are…

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Tell me who your friends are attacks the own technical reproducibility of contemporary art, the incursion into the cultural elite at the detriment of awareness and, above, all individuality into the creative process. The intentions of the author, the work and the receptor merge into a divine trinity to subvert stagnant concepts. Each controller of the piece is responsible for its impact on social, hence the active participation is a key tool in this regard. Irving randomly chosen aesthetic and rearranges your convenience. The engraving again as a productive environment, the modular elements as support, and sarcasm now as resource of language. All the elements made a proposal in which communication is the reason for being.

Dulces sueños o Primavera de ensueño, from Cultura Blanda series
Litography on pillows

El beneficio de estar involucrado
Mixed techniques on canvas